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It takes a tremendous amount of courage to reach out for support after you have experienced violence and/or abuse. In a culture that minimizes the impacts of sexual violence, it can be difficult to discuss your experiences, reach-out for support, and/or find safe spaces for healing. In counselling, my hope is that you will find a safe, warm, gentle, and supportive space where you can explore healing and growth. Sexual violence can profoundly impact the way you feel about yourself, your body, and the people in your life. Other common responses to sexual violence may include:


  • Trauma-related symptoms including nightmares/flashbacks, hypervigilance, avoidance of reminders of the event(s), difficulties sleeping, overwhelming emotions and/or bodily sensations, feeling numb and/or disconnected

  • Changes in relationships with yourself, your body, and/or others

  • Loss of meaning in your life 

  • Fear of others, situations, and/or environments

  • Negative beliefs about yourself

  • Experiences of grief and loss related to identity, relationships, and/or your health

  • Hurt and/or confused by the responses of others

  • Feelings of self-blame, shame, and/or guilt


For many, sexual violence is a traumatic experience which can take considerable time to heal. There are many ways to approach counselling and we can work together to explore what might be a good fit for you. In counselling, you may learn ways to cope with trauma-related symptoms, reclaim a sense of control and meaning in your life, reconnect with your inner wisdom and important relationships in your life, and/or re-connect with your own strength and resilience as you move forward. I provide individual counselling for adults who have experienced sexual violence/abuse including childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault, sexual harassment, and exploitation.


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