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Death Valley

Trauma Counselling 

Moving through survival and into daily life can be filled with uncertainty and difficulty. Traumatic experiences may leave you feeling stuck, and disconnected from yourself and others, and may shift the foundation of deeply held values and beliefs. 


Common responses to trauma include:


  • Nightmares/flashbacks

  • Intrusive thoughts about the event(s)

  • Overwhelming feelings and/or bodily sensations

  • Avoiding reminders of the event(s)

  • Feeling uneasy or on edge 

  • A sense of disconnection from yourself and/or others

  • Feeling numb or disconnected

  • Loss of meaning in your life

  • Self-blame, shame, and/or guilt

  • Difficulties sleeping or changes in concentration


In counselling, you may learn new ways to cope with trauma-related symptoms, explore relationships with yourself and others, restore feelings of hope, and/or re-connect with a sense of meaning in your life. My hope is that counselling is a safe and supportive space where you can heal parts of your experience, learn, grow, and move forward in your life.

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